Meet the Australian members of the Reciprocity peasant-based, family-farmer network. While Australia does not yet have a farmer organisation that is a member of La Via Campesina, the majority of the current participating farmers are members of the very new Family Farmers United Network (FFUN) based in South East Queensland. FFUN is philosophically, practically and politically aligned to the principles of the LVC and their campaign for Food Sovereignty.

As FFUN is very much in its infancy relative to other countries, the Reciprocity peasant-based, family farmer network has a number of aligned Australian participants who are more broadly located across Australia outside the FFUN network.


FFUN Farmers Head for GRAIN Workshop in Indonesia

Future Feeders Joel Orchard and Anais Geshwind have been invited as representatives of FFUN to attend a 3-day regional workshop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on the “Challenges of supermarket expansion in Asia” run by GRAIN at the end of September. The goals of the workshop will be to; Provide information and training on the relation between the expansion of modern retail and issues such as food sovereignty, free trade and foreign investment, labor rights. Creating regional linkages between different groups and networks with different concerns related to modern retail expansion Developing action strategies and highlighting information gaps. Participants will be from